Transcription Service Rates


A good transcription service business will be able to convert both recorded and live speeches into either a written text or electronic document. This is important since companies who work in the business, medical, and legal industries often depend on a transcription service for an accurate kind of record keeping. A transcription can also be done for video, audio, and phone files.

Who Uses A Transcription Service?

Doctors and physicians often utilize transcription services in order to turn an audio recording of a note from patient consultation into a written form, so they will be able to include them into their medical records. A lawyer, meanwhile, will also need a written transcript of a deposition and other types of legal proceedings. And finally, a journalist will need to record an interview with their sources, then utilize the transcript to be able to capture an accurate quote and information which they will need for their articles.

An interested client who needs a transcription service will often try to look for one that fits their needs by considering the turnaround time, the price, the security, and the accuracy. There are services out there that exist so they will be able to meet the client’s budget and requirements for good transcription.

When you want to find the right choice of transcribing rates for your needs, you might want to utilize a transcription rate per minute as a benchmark. These are the most common charges usually provided by a business solution given to the client who might want to depend on the standard type of transcription service instead of a modern one. These transcription rates, on the other hand, do come cheaper with the more files needed for transcripts. But it’s always a good idea to make an estimation of the amount of required work.

Transcription Rates Per Minute

Normally, a client will pay these transcription rates per minute between a simple $1.50 and $5.00 depending on the amount of speakers, the clarity of the audio, and the amount of turnaround time needed. Of course a same-day service is also available – However, the transcription pricing when it comes to these requests have to be made through email or a phone call, so everyone involved will be on the same page, and you can get that transcription done as soon as possible.

The cost of transcription will all depend from one client to another, since each client has their own specific needs and situations.


Transcribing Interviews for Legal Purposes

When a witness, defendant, or any other person involved in a case is interviewed for legal or discovery use, they are taking part in a deposition. Deponents, or anyone involved in legal interviews for court, swear an oath on record in an out-of-court testimony. Depositions are almost always conducted outside the court by lawyers or counsel and do not necessitate the presence of a judge to supervise. It can then be transcribed to aid the discovery process of litigation.

A deposition is a vital part of the litigation process. It is spoken evidence provided under oath and is recorded for later usage before the courts – in layman’s terms, it is a legal interview. Not only is it important for gathering facts, it can also be admitted as evidence during a trial for all kinds of cases.

Why is it important to transcribe legal interviews?

Most trials requires key testimony in order to support a motion. Witnesses are most of the time summoned to attend a hearing or a trial to provide testimony. However, some witnesses may opt out of court appearance for safety or may simply be unavailable to attend a court hearing. This is one instance where the prosecution or defending party may opt to record and transcribe the witness interview instead, for later admission to the court.

Deposition transcription may refer to producing a transcript derived from the full video or audio recording of the deposition or legal interview – for certain purposes, the counsel may also require a summarized transcription of the deposition. It’s very important to have a deposition transcript that is 100% accurate. It is used to state and preserve everything a witness knows in testimony, as well as to allow all parties involved to learn all the apparent facts before the trial commences.

Can anyone transcribe interviews for the court?

Transcription of interviews for the court like depositions are likely to contain legal jargon such as case names, Latin phrases, and evidentiary objections. For a person who may not be too familiar with legalese, the terms may sound a bit foreign and the transcription may end up in delay as the transcriptionist attempts to figure out or produce a transcript. Only legal transcriptionists may be able to guarantee transcripts within a quick turnaround time in verbatim.

In most cases, only certified court transcriptionists are commissioned to transcribe supplementary depositions held by respective counsels. Unlike general transcriptionists who handle non-specialized topics, transcribing interviews for legal purposes require extensive experience and years of training. Even expert general transcriptionists are required to undergo a certification process in order to work as a legal transcriptionist or court reporter.

Hiring an individual who doesn’t have any transcription experience may pose a huge issue if they fail to decipher and transcribe legal jargon properly. This can significantly affect the accuracy of the transcript, which could cost time, money, and finally, the case being handled.

Interview Transcription Solutions

An interview can be a fully dependable source in case you’re on the hunt for some new or hard-to-find information. But making references to this information all the while it’s still kept in a recorded video or audio file can be hard to work with – That’s because no researcher or interviewer has enough time to browse through a complete interview recording. In order to acquire the best from whatever captured information has been given to you, an interview transcription is perhaps the best solution out there. There’s just nothing worse than having to spend plenty of cash on a poor transcription solution, when the quality that results from these transcriptions is unable to meet whatever your expectations were.

One of the main advantages of having to hire a professional transcription company for an interview transcription solution is that it can save you loads of time. A transcription does require plenty of objective and careful listening and understanding, with lesser editorial judgement. The task, meanwhile, takes a longer time to finish compared to the time needed to record things.

Importance of Interviews Transcription Solutions

It’s quite easy to hire a professional interview transcription solution. That’s because you currently have a video or audio file and you must send it to the person who needs it. The company will transcribe the video or audio file for you and give you the written transcript that you need. Technically you don’t have to do any hard work here – Instead, you pay the company to do the job for you. Making a transcription of your interviews lets you save plenty of hours spent on transcribing things manually.

Interviews with people who have witnessed a historic event can create an exclusive artifact and save an important memory. These are also meant to represent first-hand accounts, instead of having to report from a secondary source. Plenty of media outlets out there are actually quite interested in browsing through these interviews in order to acquire quotes to add to their new stories, so they can gain a bigger audience. But because these journalists do spend a lot of their time having to write and research stuff, they need to hire a professional transcription solution to jot down the full interview into text form. A professional company can also give you a formatted transcript which allows you to import some of your favorite qualitative analysis software solutions.


Corporate Transcription

Transcription Defined

A transcription is a certain type of data entry which is meant to change oral language into a written format. This means you need to listen to a video or audio recording of something then type it out in the form of a written transcript. A transcriptionist often utilizes a type of special software in this case. But in certain forms of transcription, you can use word processing software such as Microsoft Word.

A corporate transcription job is a branch of the industry. Corporate transcriptions are highly specialized. Even though there aren’t any necessary education requirements, letters, or memos needed – If there is any type of transcription required in a professional or corporate setting, a transcriptionist is always ready to help you out.

A corporate transcription job can take over anything from transcribing the amount of minutes in a board meeting, a section or group meeting, letters, memos, or any other thing found in this nature. If there is some sort of transcription required in a corporate setting, then a corporate transcriptionist is always there to assist you.

Skills Required For A Corporate Transcription Job

Associate degree programs which concentrate on an administrative support or business can enhance all of the necessary skills for doing a corporate transcription, which includes a familiarity with business terminology, or accurate keyboarding. Oftentimes, transcription is needed as a type of skill to be able to support the duties in regards to a specific career, such as an office manager, an executive secretary, or an administrative assistant.

How To Improve Your Corporate Transcription Skills

Master The Lingo

To give out the most accurate business transcriptions possible, you must have a complete understanding of all of the proper terms involved. Do some research in the industry to familiarize yourself with the common phrases, as well as the terminology.

Sharpen Your Typing Skills

Yes you can actually be successful even if you have only the most basic typing skills imaginable. But this means you can also bring in your business transcription skills onto the next level, by constructing your speed and accuracy properly.

You must also create good listening skills to be a good transcriber. You can start by listening to the audio file in its entirety before you make attempts to transcribe it. Utilizing the newest kind of technology and software when you transcribe makes the whole process faster and twice as efficient, letting you meet your client’s deadlines and needs.


Interview Transcription Services

An interview transcription is used in an assortment of fields, varying from a corporate business, to research and education. Even though these transcriptions are seemingly important, the truth is that typing up an interview in verbatim could be completely time-consuming, especially if you happen to be a business professional, a student, or a researcher who needs to concentrate on other aspects found in your projects. If you want to have a fully reliable transcriptionist to help you out with your current workload, then these types of transcription services will allow you to finish the job in a fully efficient and timely manner.

Why Are Interview Transcription Services So Helpful?

There are transcription services which are highly recommended by experts, since they do provide academic, corporate, oral, and legal interview transcription services – All with a quick turnaround time. The transcriptionists that you have to call using the service are all based in the USA, so their clients’ details are extremely confidential. These professional transcription companies have managed to bring out an estimated 10,000 transcripts to some really popular companies like banks and tech giants.

An academic transcription service is there to provide you with an excellent quality interview transcript. This service is good for professors, college students, PhD students, and researchers who would need a bit of assistance with dissertation, thesis, and doing some research. Apart from these interview transcription services, An academic transcription service is there to help you out with a focus group transcription, research dictation, or a lecture. The company is there to provide you with a three-day turnaround time. All quotes are given out within a single working hour.

There are also other transcription companies who are willing to provide you with an interview transcription service, along with a legal transcription service, a medical transcription service, and media transcription service. This is a company that provides you with free trials, especially if you happen to be a first-time client. There are dictation services in which a client can record a certain dictation just by calling up a toll-free number, which is available 24 hours a day. A turnaround time can vary from 120 minutes to 2 days depending on how much time the client needs. The clock will start ticking once the company receives their payment.