Professional Transcriptions Services

You might have been amazed at the idea of just acquiring all of these MP3s, podcasts, videos, or even a clear recording of a short meeting completely converted into a text format in only a matter of hours, even minutes. Transcription seems like a highly advanced concept that instantly changes all forms of video and audio into something completely readable.

Getting the help of a professional transcription services is the best avenue of having to promote accurate transcripts for a broad range of organizations, including law firms as well as educational and medical institutions. Even though there might just be a good amount of transcription providers out in the market today, you need to choose one that places importance on quality, more than anything else.

Several Tips In Choosing The Best Professional Transcript Services

Before you can go with the provider of your choice, you must take note of the following tips to ensure that you manage to get the best out of your investment.

An important step to take here when hiring someone who’s a professional transcriber is to learn more about their level of expertise right within your industry. Plenty of vendors will concentrate on a specific industry, since that’s what they’re good at. Learn about their past and present clients. Have these transcriptionists manage to serve colleges and universities, and only one police department? If you’re a part of law enforcement, then this transcriber isn’t the best one for you.

Oftentimes, the contents found inside your materials will involve plenty of products, researching, inventions, services, designs, finances, and other kinds of sensitive data. And if you’re a client, you cannot afford to share or lose this type of info. The important role of a professional transcription service is to keep this information protected at all costs, and ensure the secure delivery of the transcript to the client. Make it a protocol to do a check on the client and company’s confidentiality agreements. It also helps if you’d conduct a background check on the selected provider.

You must also consider the fact that industry experts will mean that you’ll be given a transcriptionist who is able to understand specific jargon, industry-specific nuances, unique phrases, and abbreviations. So it’s very important that you find a good transcription company or a transcription provider, who has had enough experience with that particular industry you work in, and use the case.


Audio Transcription Providers

When you’re trying to find a good enough online transcription provider, then it’s always great to find a company that will surely get the job done as fast as possible, and within budget. And while you’re doing your research, always be sure to ask these important questions, so you can pick the right audio transcription service that suits your taste.

  • The turnaround time can all depend on the transcription fee, ranging from a couple of hours, up to several weeks. If you’re in a hurry and you need your transcription files sent to you within 24 hours, then you’ll know that practically every provider out there rushes their delivery fees too. These fees can go from $1.50 up to $3.00 with each minute of audio.
  • What level of accuracy do you guarantee? If you have utilized a speech-to-text app for your job or as a hobby, then you might have noticed that the accuracy isn’t really that good. And the quality gets much worse when there’s background noise involved, accents, or multiple speakers in the audio. If you want to get the most accurate transcript there is, it’s always good to find a service provider that utilizes people, instead of just plain old software, to complete that transcription work. Plenty of these low-cost audio transcription services utilize software which is fully reflected in the quality of the final work.
  • Are there any hidden fees? An advertised pricing, versus the real price you have to pay for transcription work can result in two different things. A company advertising the same thing can tell you that their own rates will go up to $.79 per minute, but once you throw in all of the additional fees, then you’ll end up paying much more than that. This is pretty much similar to how a budget airline operates.
  • How secure are my files? Plenty of audio transcription companies have received tons of video and audio files to be transcribed through the years. A lot of these files do include sensitive content, which includes conversations with police or lawyers, medical records, and a business meeting that includes company financials and a proprietary info. So it’s very important for you to find a decent transcription service provider which gives you loads of maximum precautions to guarantee the safety of the documents you use for transcribing. A trustworthy audio transcription company will never share personal information with anyone working outside the company.

Transcribing Rates

There are plenty of reasons as to why a lot of organizations and individuals from across the globe have their audio converted into text. First off, transcribing is one of the best ways to track down information about anything. Even though there are actually people out there who like listening to audio and watching video on sites like Youtube, gaining access to these files can be quite complex, and people could be hindered by not always having the proper technology or getting themselves in a situation to listen and watch at the same time. But getting a proper transcript allows for both reading these files in a PDF or a .doc format, as well as browsing through them in a printed version.

Whenever a person transcribes an audio or video file, they end up writing out what they have heard. This is literally done word for word – Including the ‘ahs’ and the ‘ums’ made by the speaker. This is also known as the verbatim transcript. Sometimes, the person doing the transcribing can clean up the spoken word, take off the quirks found in natural speech, and write down a smooth-flowing version of the original audio. This is referred to as a clean or edited transcription.

Standard Transcribing Rate

The transcribing rates will all depend on one service to another. These will also be based on how complex the material really is. For instance, a one-on-one interview only costs a couple of bucks to make a transcription of, than to create a focus group consisting of up to five people – Just because it’s actually much harder to keep track of a conversation between three or more individuals.

A transcription service can charge either by line, by page, or by the number of words. There are some who charge by the hour, and others will set a final price depending on the audio minute. Each line can cost at least up to $.25.


So when exactly is it good to accept an hourly rate for the transcript? Even the best transcriptionists will have a difficult time having to transcribe a piece of audio with poor quality. There are only a few guesses to see how long exactly it’ll take to provide you with a decent transcript. it could take a couple of hours more than usual order in regards to these circumstances.


Cheap Transcription Service

An affordable and  cheap transcription service is always a great help for both companies and individuals, since they are able to help them in finishing their projects in a cost-effective and timely manner. And thanks to the popularity of the internet, there are now dozens upon dozens of transcription service companies that you can depend on to complete or assist you with your work. Nowadays, you no longer have to worry about anything in case you want to find an excellent company to do your transcription jobs.

Tips For Finding Cheap Transcription Service

Do a bit of researching online, and you will be able to find a good list to begin with in case you want to find a transcription service provider that’s easy on the wallet and could be a potential long-term partner when it comes to finishing all of your transcribing needs. Do not hesitate to contact and get in touch with the company of your choice, or compare them to another company in order to acquire the best deals and highest quality, at the lowest possible price. When you do take your time to research, you can guarantee that you’ll only get the best quality in regards to converting all of your selected voice files into the best audio.

Keep in mind that an excellent transcript always comes from some great recordings. The industry rate that transcribes a one-minute audio costs $1. And if the recording isn’t stellar, then it could cost you much more than that. If it’s urgent, then it could be much more expensive.

There are plenty of amazing speech-to-text tools, which work on good quality audio files. The clearer the audio to be transcribed, the better. Transcriptions are highly important to an individual who makes audio and video content. The accuracy plays a vital role in the entire process of transcribing things. There are loads of transcription service providers out there who give out transcription services at a highly competitive price.