Interview Transcription Services

An interview transcription is used in an assortment of fields, varying from a corporate business, to research and education. Even though these transcriptions are seemingly important, the truth is that typing up an interview in verbatim could be completely time-consuming, especially if you happen to be a business professional, a student, or a researcher who needs to concentrate on other aspects found in your projects. If you want to have a fully reliable transcriptionist to help you out with your current workload, then these types of transcription services will allow you to finish the job in a fully efficient and timely manner.

Why Are Interview Transcription Services So Helpful?

There are transcription services which are highly recommended by experts, since they do provide academic, corporate, oral, and legal interview transcription services – All with a quick turnaround time. The transcriptionists that you have to call using the service are all based in the USA, so their clients’ details are extremely confidential. These professional transcription companies have managed to bring out an estimated 10,000 transcripts to some really popular companies like banks and tech giants.

An academic transcription service is there to provide you with an excellent quality interview transcript. This service is good for professors, college students, PhD students, and researchers who would need a bit of assistance with dissertation, thesis, and doing some research. Apart from these interview transcription services, An academic transcription service is there to help you out with a focus group transcription, research dictation, or a lecture. The company is there to provide you with a three-day turnaround time. All quotes are given out within a single working hour.

There are also other transcription companies who are willing to provide you with an interview transcription service, along with a legal transcription service, a medical transcription service, and media transcription service. This is a company that provides you with free trials, especially if you happen to be a first-time client. There are dictation services in which a client can record a certain dictation just by calling up a toll-free number, which is available 24 hours a day. A turnaround time can vary from 120 minutes to 2 days depending on how much time the client needs. The clock will start ticking once the company receives their payment.