Transcribing Rates

There are plenty of reasons as to why a lot of organizations and individuals from across the globe have their audio converted into text. First off, transcribing is one of the best ways to track down information about anything. Even though there are actually people out there who like listening to audio and watching video on sites like Youtube, gaining access to these files can be quite complex, and people could be hindered by not always having the proper technology or getting themselves in a situation to listen and watch at the same time. But getting a proper transcript allows for both reading these files in a PDF or a .doc format, as well as browsing through them in a printed version.

Whenever a person transcribes an audio or video file, they end up writing out what they have heard. This is literally done word for word – Including the ‘ahs’ and the ‘ums’ made by the speaker. This is also known as the verbatim transcript. Sometimes, the person doing the transcribing can clean up the spoken word, take off the quirks found in natural speech, and write down a smooth-flowing version of the original audio. This is referred to as a clean or edited transcription.

Standard Transcribing Rate

The transcribing rates will all depend on one service to another. These will also be based on how complex the material really is. For instance, a one-on-one interview only costs a couple of bucks to make a transcription of, than to create a focus group consisting of up to five people – Just because it’s actually much harder to keep track of a conversation between three or more individuals.

A transcription service can charge either by line, by page, or by the number of words. There are some who charge by the hour, and others will set a final price depending on the audio minute. Each line can cost at least up to $.25.


So when exactly is it good to accept an hourly rate for the transcript? Even the best transcriptionists will have a difficult time having to transcribe a piece of audio with poor quality. There are only a few guesses to see how long exactly it’ll take to provide you with a decent transcript. it could take a couple of hours more than usual order in regards to these circumstances.


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