Transcription Service Rates


A good transcription service business will be able to convert both recorded and live speeches into either a written text or electronic document. This is important since companies who work in the business, medical, and legal industries often depend on a transcription service for an accurate kind of record keeping. A transcription can also be done for video, audio, and phone files.

Who Uses A Transcription Service?

Doctors and physicians often utilize transcription services in order to turn an audio recording of a note from patient consultation into a written form, so they will be able to include them into their medical records. A lawyer, meanwhile, will also need a written transcript of a deposition and other types of legal proceedings. And finally, a journalist will need to record an interview with their sources, then utilize the transcript to be able to capture an accurate quote and information which they will need for their articles.

An interested client who needs a transcription service will often try to look for one that fits their needs by considering the turnaround time, the price, the security, and the accuracy. There are services out there that exist so they will be able to meet the client’s budget and requirements for good transcription.

When you want to find the right choice of transcribing rates for your needs, you might want to utilize a transcription rate per minute as a benchmark. These are the most common charges usually provided by a business solution given to the client who might want to depend on the standard type of transcription service instead of a modern one. These transcription rates, on the other hand, do come cheaper with the more files needed for transcripts. But it’s always a good idea to make an estimation of the amount of required work.

Transcription Rates Per Minute

Normally, a client will pay these transcription rates per minute between a simple $1.50 and $5.00 depending on the amount of speakers, the clarity of the audio, and the amount of turnaround time needed. Of course a same-day service is also available – However, the transcription pricing when it comes to these requests have to be made through email or a phone call, so everyone involved will be on the same page, and you can get that transcription done as soon as possible.

The cost of transcription will all depend from one client to another, since each client has their own specific needs and situations.


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